The Dental Suite is proud to be using iTero® technology at our practice! We currently have the iTero Element® 5D, which allows us to have a more efficient and effective workflow so that you can have your treatment in the simplest way possible. Whether you need an orthodontic or restorative dental treatment, we have you covered with this incredible technology.

What Does the iTero® Machine Do?

Our iTero® machine allows us to expand our possibilities and take your dental experience to the next level. We can take crisp digital impressions of your teeth to help with both restorative and orthodontic treatments. It’s also great for helping to detect interproximal caries above the gums in real-time.

Below are the other advantages of our iTero Element® 5D:

For Restorative Dentistry

Our iTero Element® 5D can help improve restorative treatments and offer you a better experience. It allows for better fitting restorations so treatments can be much more effective. Digital impressions are created within minutes, and we’re able to quickly send the scans to our partners and share diagnosis and treatment plans with our patients.

For Orthodontics

Since our iTero Element® 5D is completely digital, it can make orthodontic treatments much easier. This incredible dental technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable plaster impressions and allows treatment to begin immediately. Another tremendous advantage is that digital images provide greater accuracy and will always be readily available to track the progress of the treatment.

Want to Learn More About iTero®?

We want to provide quick and effective service to our patients in Metairie, LA. The iTero Element® 5D allows us to do that by taking digital impressions of your teeth and allowing us to monitor and share your progress at every visit. If you have any questions about this dental technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!